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Nowadays, steel is widely used and plays an important role in many industries, becoming an indispensable material. As we all know, everything needs to be maintained, and the section steel is not excluded naturally. Pay attention to the corresponding maintenance during use, which can extend the service life of the section steel. How do we maintain the section steel? Next, Jinan section steel manufacturer will explain.
When using section steel, we should regularly check whether the fastening parts are loose, and tighten them in time; It is necessary to add lubricating oil frequently and maintain the equipment regularly in multiple aspects to extend the service life of the equipment and ensure that the finished products can meet the needs of customers.
Frequently check that the driven roll, roll shaft, type change screw and other accessories are kept clean and tidy to reduce equipment failure. Regularly lubricate the driven chain to prevent the chain from blocking and breaking during long-term operation. Regularly check whether there is noise in the operation of the equipment, whether there is abnormal smell in the electrical parts, and whether there is heat. If there is any abnormality, cut off the power supply in time to deal with it.
Problem finding and troubleshooting is a necessary skill for the maintenance of section steel processing equipment. This skill can be obtained through two ways: first, direct training by the manufacturer, and second, full understanding of equipment performance. The former is relatively easy, while the latter requires the operator to take good care of the equipment and do a good job of maintenance.
The starting point of equipment maintenance is to maintain the stability of production, long service life, and delay the aging time of parts. From the side, it is also a self research of equipment.
The contents of maintenance are as follows: 1. Strictly follow the operation rules; 2. Take personal safety as the priority, and shut down the machine to cut off power; 3. If you don't understand, ask the manufacturer for help; 4. It is not allowed to operate with faults, or it must be shut down for inspection!
The above contents introduce some maintenance methods of section steel. Simple maintenance can protect the section steel well and prolong the service life of section steel to a large extent. After that, we should check the condition of section steel regularly, find problems in time and do a good job in maintenance. More relevant content will come to our website http://www.jnhxtg.om Consult!