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Floor bearing plates play a very important role in the construction industry. Because of their different models, the problems that need to be paid attention to in the use process are also different. Next, we will talk about how to use Jinan floor bearing plates and the precautions.
How to use floor bearing plate
If the building allows, it will be more economical to arrange supports in the frame than to simply connect the frame with rigid joints. In the buildings with large roof covering span, the suspension cable or cable membrane structure system with tension components as the main component can be selected.
Special soft slings shall be used for lifting floor bearing plates. During each hoisting, check whether the soft sling is torn or cut. The probe shall be prevented when the floor bearing plate is placed on the steel beam.
Operators shall wear safety belts when paving materials and ensure that they are fixed on the surrounding safety ropes while paving. Penetration spot welding shall be adopted for welding. Before welding, prepare leftover materials for arc strike test welding and adjust the welding current Since there is no horizontal formwork or vertical support at the bottom of the floor bearing plate, the concrete distribution should not be too concentrated, and the plate vibrator should be used to timely share the vibration.
Precautions during use:
1、 The floor steel plate can be used as the formwork of cast-in-situ concrete. In this way, the installation and removal of formwork and other processes in the construction are saved, thus saving time and labor.
2、 When the floor steel bearing plate is installed, it can be used as a construction platform. At the same time, since it is not necessary to use temporary support, it will not affect the work of the next floor construction plane.
3、 The floor steel bearing plate can be used as the bottom reinforcement of the floor, which reduces the workload of installing the plate reinforcement.
4、 According to the different section shapes of the floor steel bearing plate, the floor bearing plate machine can reduce the amount of floor concrete by 30%, and the reduced floor weight can reduce the size of beams, columns and foundations accordingly, improving the overall performance of the structure.
How to use the floor bearing plate and the precautions for use are explained here. I hope I can help you with this. More precautions can be found on our website Consult!