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We know that there must be a general framework before a construction project starts. After all, the frame bears the weight of the whole building and represents the quality of the building. The main beam is a very critical part, and the common material application of the main beam is the reinforced floor bearing plate. In other words, if there is a problem in the construction of the floor pressure plate, the use of the main beam will not be good. It is impossible to carry out the next construction. Let's talk about the requirements for main beam construction during the construction of Jinan floor bearing plate.
The bearing beam of the reinforced floor bearing plate is connected with the fulcrum at both ends of the main wall, so the structure of I-steel should be reasonable, which is the part with greater stress in the whole structure construction. The lapping process of the main beam of the floor support plate should first remove the position of the embedded steel plate, level the cement wall skin of the leveling layer, and then fix the embedded steel plate. At the same time, it is basically consistent with the construction process of the frame. The measurement of the main beam of the floor support plate is very important, and it should be measured one beam at a time, with an error of no more than 4mm.
When the main beams overlap, spot welding, reinforcement and full welding shall be carried out. Both ends of the main beam shall be welded 360 degrees, and the I-beam shall be vertically placed with the same stress. The angle steel is connected with the main beam of the reinforced floor bearing plate to form an integral and uniform force. The connection requirements of angle steel are as follows:
According to the connection specification of dissimilar steel in steel structure, the upper opening of the angle steel insertion part shall be cut off, and the convex part of the welding point shall be polished and leveled with an angle grinder to make the plate smooth without sound. The insertion point portion has been completely welded and the error enlarges the dimensions of expansion and contraction. Shall not be greater than 3mm. After welding, it should be horizontal and vertical, and the layer should be horizontal.
Before the installation and reinforcement of the floor support plate, the erection of the main beam is a key construction link, and the operators are required to always pay attention to the construction situation. Once the construction is found to be incorrect, the construction shall be stopped immediately and adjusted according to the correct method to avoid errors caused by errors as much as possible, so as to make the installation of floor bearing plates more intelligent and link poorly.
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