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Since the appearance of color steel tile, it has always been a hot product in the market. Its remarkable characteristics are fast, convenient and non-load-bearing. How about the thermal insulation and wind resistance of Jinan color steel tile?
If we want to talk about whether the color steel tile has the effect of heat preservation, we should be very responsible to tell you: the color steel tile has a grade, and a good color steel tile is not only heat preservation but also sound insulation (sandwich panel). If you simply add a layer of ordinary colored steel tiles on the bungalow, the great advantage to the room is that it can prevent leakage, but the effect of thermal insulation is not very useful.
Because the common rural roof covered with color steel tiles is mainly to avoid rain leakage, some galvanized square steel is used as columns, some galvanized square steel is welded on the top and several galvanized square steel are welded to the columns to increase the pulling force, and the color steel tiles can be fixed with rivet guns or self tapping screws (the width of the color steel tiles needs to exceed the four walls by about 500-600 mm).
Color steel is convenient and inexpensive. It saves time and effort and will not increase the bearing potential of the original housing. The market share of civil leak prevention and parking lot has been high. Although the color steel tile is good, the safety problems in use can not be ignored. At the same time, there are certain misunderstandings in the use function of the color steel tile.
Not long ago, most areas of Sichuan were hit by super strong winds, and at least 1 / 5 of the color steel was damaged to varying degrees. There are many serious phenomena that even the color steel tiles were uprooted and overturned. Fortunately, the natural disaster occurred late at night. If it was changed to daytime, it would definitely cause injuries.
The colored steel tiles are overturned by the strong wind and fall down. No matter whether people or animals touch them, the force of the wind and the gravity of the ground are not more terrible than sharp knives?
Therefore, while improving the quality of life, we should not neglect safety for the sake of cheapness and convenience. If we use it incorrectly, we may lose more than we gain. Therefore, we need to know more about this information. For more information, please contact us !