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Since the appearance of Jinan color steel tile, it has been a hot product in the market. Its remarkable characteristics are fast, convenient and non-load-bearing. Let's talk about some common quality problems during the use of this product.
Color difference: the quality of paint is related to a part, and there are also practical problems in the production process. The types of base tiles also account for a certain proportion. Different color differences exist in galvanized steel tiles, aluminized zinc steel tiles, color steel tiles produced by the same process and raw materials, which has a great relationship with the types of base tiles. Therefore, users are advised to pay attention to such problems in production.
Zinc particles: the original problems caused by the quality defects of color steel tile base tiles. Generally, such base tiles are not suitable for machine production. The quality inspector has the right to deal with them and decide whether to produce them.
Foaming: chemical reaction occurs between color steel tile base and core material.
Line: after the color steel tile products come out, the top coat or back coat has the phenomenon of paint leakage, which is called line in the industry. Such problems are generally unavoidable for every manufacturer. There are some impurities in the paint, some reasons for the equipment, and some factors for the base tiles.
Color steel tile product wrinkle: when there is no problem with the equipment, the original foundation tile generally accounts for a large proportion. The wrinkle of hot-dip galvanized steel tile is mainly caused by the existing technology of the galvanizing production line and equipment failure. It is not difficult for people who know the galvanizing process to solve this problem.
Judging the quality from the appearance of the steel coil: Generally speaking, the appearance requires that the steel coil be wound neatly, and there are no burrs, serrated edges and obvious gaps on both sides of the steel coil. This is the minimum requirement, but it is difficult to judge the various problems encountered in the production based on these alone.
Holes and missed coating: due to the defects in the quality of the base tile, if the base tile has serious edge damage and gaps, and if there are holes in the base tile, the painting staff will open the painting equipment according to the operation requirements of the industry specifications and let it skip, which will inevitably lead to the phenomenon of missed coating.
The paint peeling of the pressing pad marks: the production unit should detect the pressure and whether the equipment operation system is normal and good, whether the bearing works well, and whether the pressing action of each group of steel rollers of the pressing pad machine is consistent. There will be actual interference problems. The new press equipment is easy to cause dry film scratches of color steel tile paint due to the sharpness of the pressing wheel. It is recommended that customers pay attention to such problems.
You should know that although color steel tiles are convenient, cheap and light compared with resin tiles or porcelain glazed tiles, their service life is less than one-third of the latter, and their safety risks are more than twice that of the latter. Therefore, special attention should be paid to safety when using them. For more information, please visit our website Consult and understand.