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The profiled steel plate supporting the floor concrete is called profiled steel plate, also known as floor bearing plate and steel bearing plate. Here are its features and precautions.
Characteristics of floor bearing plate:
1. Meet the requirements of rapid construction of the main steel structure, provide a solid working platform in a short time, and adopt the flow construction of laying profiled steel plates in multiple layers and pouring concrete slabs in layers.
2. In the use stage, the floor bearing plate is used as the tensile reinforcement of the concrete floor, which also improves the rigidity of the floor and saves the amount of reinforcement and concrete.
3. The embossing on the surface of profiled steel plate can make the floor bearing plate and concrete produce a large bonding force, so that it forms a whole. With stiffeners, the floor bearing plate system has a high bearing capacity.
4. In the cantilever state, the floor bearing plate is only used as a formwork. The length of the cantilever can be determined according to the section characteristics of the floor bearing plate. In order to prevent the cantilever plate from cracking, negative reinforcement should be installed at the support according to the design of the structural engineer.
Precautions for Jinan floor bearing plate:
The column grid spacing of general steel structure is 5~9.0m × 8~15m, the spacing between secondary beams is 3M, while the blanking length of the floor bearing plate is 4.97~8.97m, which makes it difficult to transport and install. Especially when the belt is vertically hoisted from the arc area, it is difficult to wear a sleeve from top to the next beam, disrupting the normal welding process of the secondary beam.
If the blanking length is controlled at 3~6m, the problem that the secondary beam cannot be hoisted during vertical transportation can be avoided. Special soft slings for floor bearing plates shall be used for lifting. During each lifting, check whether the soft sling is torn or cut. When the floor bearing plate probe is placed on the steel beam, it should be prevented.
Operators shall wear safety belts when laying materials and ensure that they are fixed on the surrounding safety ropes when laying materials. Welding penetration spot welding is used for connection. Before welding, the waste arc test welding shall be prepared and the welding current shall be adjusted.
Since there is no horizontal formwork and vertical support at the bottom of the floor bearing plate, the distribution of concrete cannot be too concentrated, and the vibration should be shared in time with a flat vibrator. This is the characteristics and precautions of the floor support plate. You can pay attention to our website Learn more.