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The use of foam composite board in the packaging industry can buffer the pressure, and it can play the role of heat insulation or heat preservation in buildings. Xiaobian believes that the installation of foam composite board is very important. Next, let's talk about this problem.
安装泡沫ku111net的外墙应保持清洁,在安装泡沫ku111net的时候不能触摸泥土或灰尘。如果是草根墙的话,那么应确保墙面的平整、坚固,同时应垂直。 如果是在夏季进行泡沫ku111net施工的话,应采取防晒措施,避免阳光直射。
The outer wall of the foam composite board shall be kept clean, and the soil or dust shall not be touched when installing the foam composite board. If it is a grass-roots wall, it should ensure that the wall is flat, solid and vertical. If the construction of foam composite board is carried out in summer, sunscreen measures should be taken to avoid direct sunlight.
冬季施工的话,注意施工的温度不应低于零度。在雨季,我们应采取防水措施,严禁在雨中施工。 原材料使用的泡沫ku111net应进行测试并重新检查其性能。
For winter construction, pay attention that the construction temperature should not be lower than zero. In rainy season, we should take waterproof measures and prohibit construction in the rain. The foam composite board used as raw material shall be tested and its performance shall be rechecked.
The use of foam composite board can not only heat insulation, but also sound insulation. Therefore, foam composite board is also a good sound-absorbing material, which is widely used by people because of its characteristics, mainly to reduce noise. Because the installation of foam composite board has a great impact on its use effect, we should pay attention to it when installing.
Generally, the bonding area between the foam composite board and the wall should be greater than 35%, and the bonding area of the first layer should be greater than 50%. Basically, 4-6 rivets are needed per square meter.
Secondly, Jinan foam composite board needs to stay for one day after bonding with the premise, and then the construction of the protective layer can be started. After the completion of the protective layer, the construction of the external finish can only be started after another one-day interval. The thickness of foam composite board must meet the design requirements in order to meet the energy-saving requirements.
In fact, the requirements of foam composite board on construction technology are far more than these. The specific details should be done according to the construction process of the manufacturer. In this way, you can use it more effectively and smoothly. You can pay attention to our website Consult for more information.