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The floor support plate stud is the connector of the floor support plate as a combined connection. The construction adopts the arc floor support plate stud welding machine and welding gun, and adopts the deoxidized arc heat-resistant ceramic seat ring. For large areas, it is recommended to use floor bearing plate stud welding machine. So what is the function and welding method of floor support plate stud?
Function of floor bearing plate stud
For the connecting pieces of the floor beam and the reinforced concrete floor bearing plate, the arc stud welding machine and welding gun are used in the construction, and the deoxidized arc heat-resistant ceramic seat ring is used. Because the stud penetration welding and welding are affected by many factors, including the galvanized layer of the floor support plate, the thickness of the plate, the gap with the surface of the steel beam, as well as water, rust, slag, paint, etc.
Moreover, in the construction site, various factors are intertwined and uncertain. Therefore, in order to obtain good welding quality, the requirements for welding process and construction are very high. Tens of thousands of welding parameters of several kinds of stud welding machines at home and abroad are collected at the actual construction site. Through wave pattern analysis and comparative analysis of actual welding quality.
Welding method of bottom plate stud
Turn on the power supply of the welding gun of the welding machine, put the stud of the cylindrical bottom plate on the welding gun to prevent the arc seat. When starting the welding gun, the current will be fused, and the seat ring will produce arc light. After a short time, press the stud of the cylindrical floor at high speed at the end of the substrate to melt, and cut off the power supply. The stud of the column floor is welded and fixed on the base metal.
Jinan floor support plate stud welding inspection: the quality of column floor support plate studs is mainly hammered, supplemented by appearance inspection, and the bending inspection is 1/500 of the daily output. It is deemed as qualified if there is no fracture at the weld. If there is crack in the weld, it is judged that the stud of the floor support plate is scrapped, and a column stud needs to be repaired nearby as a supplement.
Function of floor bearing plate nails: floor bearing plate nails are used as shear connectors of floor bearing plate composite beams. They mainly rely on the shear resistance of the stud to bear the shear force, and use the round head to resist the lifting force. The construction is very convenient, with flux at the lower end and ceramic ring covering. The contact welding is carried out with a special spot welder according to the design position, with high efficiency.
That's all for understanding the function and welding method of floor support plate studs. If you have any questions about this, please come to our website Pay attention to consultation!