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Rock wool color steel plate is made of basalt. After high-temperature melting, inorganic fibers are made by high-speed centrifugal equipment. At the same time, evenly add a certain proportion of adhesive, bake it into a large plate, and cut it into rock wool strips according to production needs. Rock wool is non combustible and has good fire resistance. One of its advantages is its fireproof function. Rock wool board is made of incombustible materials, which can fully meet the fire protection needs of modern people. From this point of view, it can greatly improve people's security performance.
In addition, rock wool color steel plate has beautiful characteristics. It can be processed into several colors for people to choose, which can meet the needs of different architectural styles and better improve the grade of these buildings. Of course, the important thing is that the rock wool color steel plate also has a very good heat preservation function, with good heat preservation: the sound insulation and absorption effect is remarkable, which can play a very good heat preservation effect.
And it has a long service life while keeping warm. Generally, a rock wool color steel plate can be used for more than 35 years, which is very important for the construction industry. It is precisely because it has so many advantages and aesthetic performance: the interface is designed according to European standards, with smooth and flat appearance, flat and beautiful plate surface, tight joints and reliable strength, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of cold and hot bridges. Sealing performance: the polyurethane double-sided rock wool sandwich board adopts the assembly line production process, makes use of the excellent waterproof property of polyurethane products, overcomes the shortcoming that rock wool is easy to absorb water and deliquescence, and effectively prolongs the service life of products from the physical properties.
In addition, it is a silicate fiber inorganic material, which is non combustible. Rock wool has thermal insulation and belongs to class a fireproof material. When using rock wool fireproof insulation board, not only the thermal insulation effect is guaranteed, but also the fireproof performance meets the fireproof standard. To do a good job in fire prevention of external wall insulation, the following points need to be done well. One is to strictly implement various fire protection laws and regulations and fire protection systems.
Select Jinan rock wool board thermal insulation materials, take fire prevention measures at the primary stage of the use of thermal insulation materials, and monitor the construction process at the intermediate stage of the use of thermal insulation materials to prevent the possibility of various fires; After the thermal insulation materials are made into the external wall thermal insulation system, the thermal insulation system shall be properly used to prevent fire.
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