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The raw materials used for processing are steel plate or directly formed C-section steel and Z-section steel. Many people think that there is no difference between the two steels except for the model, especially when we choose wall materials. Both can be used. In fact, the two steels are different. Let's take a look at the differences between them:
Jinan profile steel manufacturers recommend to see the appearance of Z-shaped steel purlin and C-shaped steel purlin. Different angles. C-shaped steel purlin is 90 degrees, while Z-shaped steel purlin is less than 90 degrees, about 60-75 degrees. Therefore, when purlins are used on roofs with a certain slope, they need to be combined.
Considering the angle of purlin, Z-shape can give full play to its bending capacity when the slope is large. If you want to make purlins into continuous members during processing, you should choose Z-shaped steel purlins as compared with C-shaped steel purlins, because Z-shaped steel purlins are more convenient to overlap.
In terms of bending capacity, when the roof slope is small, the bending section of Z-shaped steel purlin is slightly larger than that of C-shaped purlin, but the difference is not particularly large. The utilization rate of bending section is improved, so Z-shaped steel purlin is suitable for roofs with large slope.
From the cross section, the mechanical properties of the strong and weak shafts of C-section steel and Z-section steel are quite different, and the connection with the steel frame is mostly bolted. The connection is realized by lapping, so it can be calculated as a continuous beam. Therefore, from the stress state, calculation results and structure, Z-type seems to be more reasonable.
Therefore, in addition to special treatment needs such as handling door and window openings, Z-shaped steel is just selected. In the whole processing process, C-shaped steel can be used for wall purlins and room purlins with small shelf slope, and Z-shaped steel purlins are suitable for roof purlins with large shelf slope, so that the roof load can be relieved. Z-shaped purlin section.
Jinan section steel manufacturers believe that both C-section steel and Z-section steel can play a full role as long as they are placed in a suitable position. For the processing of the whole part, these two raw materials are required in the project. As long as the raw materials are qualified, the qualified parts can be processed.
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