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In recent years, the use of foam composite board is widespread, which has brought serious losses to people. Therefore, when choosing foam composite board, we must choose regular channels to purchase, and build it in strict accordance with the fire prevention requirements, and choose foam composite board. In this process, the following points should be noted:
Select high-quality foam composite board raw materials to fundamentally ensure the product quality of foam composite board. Purchase high-grade foam composite board in strict accordance with the fire protection requirements. Don't be greedy and don't pay attention to the fire performance and fire rating of foam composite board core materials
During the delivery and installation of foam composite board, carefully check the quality and flatness of the board to avoid potential safety hazards caused by the quality of the board. Purchase foam composite board through regular channels and ask the manufacturer for the product fire test report issued by the fire department.
Regularly check whether the foam composite board is damaged during use, and carry out post maintenance on the foam composite board to prevent the foam composite board panel paint from peeling off and affecting the core material performance.
Due to its special structure, foam composite board has high compressive and impact resistance, and can withstand ground loads of various systems and other fields.
If the insulation board is Jinan foam composite board, the side coated with adhesive shall be coated with special interface agent, which shall be used after it is dried for 20 minutes. Generally, the foam composite board shall be laid horizontally from bottom to top, and the staggered seam width shall be 1/2 of the board length. If necessary, it shall be cut appropriately, and the size deviation shall not be greater than ± 1.5mm.
When the flatness of the foundation wall is good, the strip pasting method can also be used to paste the glued foam composite board on the wall immediately, slide it in place, and flatten it with a 2m ruler to ensure its flatness and firm pasting.
The gap between plates shall not be greater than 2mm, and the height difference between plates shall not be greater than 1.5mm. When the gap between plates is greater than 2mm, the joint shall be filled with insulating strip, and the strip shall not be glued or used. The joints shall be directly filled with adhesive, and the parts with height difference between plates greater than 1.5mm shall be troweled.
The corners of all doors, windows and holes shall be free of splicing joints, which must be cut and formed with a whole thermal insulation board, and the distance between the board joint and the corner shall not be less than 200mm. At the corners of all internal and external corners, the method of staggered stitching must be adopted, and the deviation must be controlled with a ruler according to the vertical line, and checked with a 90 ° ruler.
We should eliminate potential safety hazards from product quality, and carry out maintenance and repair in the later use process, so as to avoid potential hazards in time! For more information, you can follow the website www.jnhxtcg.com COM, contact our professional customer service personnel for consultation.