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In fact, the proofreading method of rock wool board requires several steps, some of which are more complex in the later operation process. Let's understand it below.
There are two ways to control the elevation of the top plate of the first floor column and the two ends of other section columns: according to the relative elevation or design elevation device, the common is the relative elevation device. After the plate column is hoisted in place, it is connected and fixed with large hexagon high-strength bolts,
Measure the top elevation of the upper and lower columns, lift them with a crane, adjust the joint gap with an anti-skid rod, drive the plate wedge, and use spot welding to suppress the falling of the plate column. After the column is installed, place a level on the top of the column, measure the relative elevation of each column top, and compare the results with the pre inspection length of the next column top for induction treatment.
Jinan rock wool board believes that when the comparison result exceeds 5mm, the plate column floor bearing plate should be adjusted. The specific method is to fill a certain thickness on the low-carbon plate, but it should be noted that the thickness of each plate should not be too large to prevent the difficulty of adding other nodes.
Vertical and horizontal crosshairs in the upper column. Try to overlap the cross lines of upper and lower columns to prevent staggered joints. If there is any error, fill the connecting padeye with a backing plate with a thickness of 0.5 ~ 1.0mm, and tighten the bolts.
For the pre inspection of relevant dimensions of slab column, the method is that the straightness error of the top of the next slab column is the bottom axis, displacement, welding deformation, sunshine temperature, straightness and other errors of the previous slab column. Leave the straightness in the opposite direction of the error.
In the deflection direction of plate column, bottom plate wedge or Jack, on the premise of not exceeding the straightness of single section column, the offset of column top axis shall be controlled in a small range, and the large hexagon high-strength bolts with temporary connecting lugs shall be tightened. Additional torque value. The diameter of the bolt hole on the lug plate shall be 4.0mm larger than the diameter of the bolt. The standard frame body is formed on the relevant beam device connecting the standard column.
Rock wool board is one of the products in the current construction industry, and now the requirements for rock wool board are becoming higher and higher. Therefore, if you want to use it better, you need to understand the corresponding problems. For more information, please visit www.jnhxtcg.com Com.