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Colored steel tiles are very common in our life and are used in various fields. It is a new type of building material. Compared with ordinary building materials, it has very obvious advantages, simple installation, economy and practicality. Therefore, it has been widely popularized and applied. Let's talk about the application of color steel tiles to roof construction.
Now the colored steel tile has been widely used in various buildings. It is widely used. When using the colored plate for construction, everyone should operate in strict accordance with the relevant requirements to ensure the installation effect. In order to achieve better waterproof effect, after the roof panel is installed, we use special tools to fold the roof panel against the ridge for 3cm.
If the roof panel transported to the roof truss cannot be completely installed on working days, it shall be firmly fixed on the steel roof truss by knotting. During specific implementation, it can be firmly bound with brown rope or lead to avoid damaging the roof panel in windy weather.
It is worth noting that the roof cover should be constructed as soon as possible after the roof is completed. If the roof cannot be constructed as soon as possible, the roof insulation material shall be protected with plastic cloth to prevent the influence of rainy days on the insulation effect.
During the construction of roof cover, the sealing between roof and roof shall be reliable. When the roof is pulled to the roof truss for installation, pay attention to the direction of the mother rib of the roof towards the first installation. If it is necessary to immediately adjust the non mother rib to ensure that the installation position of the first plate is correct, so as to check the verticality of the roof ridge groove and ensure the correct size. Fix the first bottom plate, install the lower bottom plate in the same way, and always use the positioning device to ensure that the end of the top plate is in a straight line.
There are also ways to buy Jinan color steel tile. For example, observe the leakage edge of the color steel tile, take a color steel tile, and observe the exposed steel of the color steel tile, such as cross-section, whether there are crystals, gray, dark and impurities. If the cross section is fine crystal, the quality is superior. Hit the colored steel tile with your fingers or hard objects. If the color steel tile material is not good, the sound will be very dull, and the metal sound is not obvious. The metal sound of colored steel tiles with good material will be very loud.
Color steel tile is applicable to various types of buildings. It can also save some materials and reduce the cost of materials. When producing it, some detailed problems can not be ignored. The above contents can be used as corresponding references. For more information, please visit www.jnhxtcg.com Consult. Com.