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Jinan rock wool sandwich panel fire prevention knowledge:
1. During construction, keep away from open flame operations such as electric welding and gas welding;
2. When in use, there are some heat sources Keep the fire source away from the steel plate. If the kitchen is to be set in the color steel panel room, a temperature insulation layer shall be set, and a fireproof rock wool insulation layer shall be added on the wall;
3. Simple fire-fighting equipment shall be set indoors and outdoors. If possible, fire alarm shall be added to facilitate rapid evacuation of personnel;
4. Wires The cable shall not pass through the core, and protective sleeve shall be added if necessary Jack The switch box is a metal galvanized box, and the open installation method is adopted;
5. Keep a safe distance of at least 6m between cotton sandwich panels. The sandwich filling material of color steel room is not strictly flame retardant. Although it is flammable, it will not spontaneously ignite. Tight Science Effective management and keeping the fire away from the flammable fillers in the color board room is one of the important measures to prevent the fire of color steel board room.
When the rock wool sandwich panel is used as the wall, because this kind of material is not very good in terms of wear resistance, so in order to make the wall made of rock wool sandwich panel give full play to its anti moisture and cold and heat preservation effect for a long time, it must be wrapped with metal materials or other materials in the area where the rock wool sandwich panel is connected, In addition, it is also necessary to use specially made seals at the joints to improve the sealing performance.
The advantage of doing so is that the intersection is not easy to be damaged, so that the role of rock wool sandwich board can be brought into full play for a long time. In fact, the walls of many houses you see can prevent moisture and cold, and can be insulated. Rock wool sandwich board is selected. However, the rock wool sandwich board itself does not have the effect of avoiding wet and cold, but in the case of installation, a layer of chemical substances that can prevent wet and cold and water vapor are wiped on its surface, which makes it not easy to return to moisture.
In addition, because the volume of rock wool sandwich board is very easy to swell under the condition of over temperature, its surface layer must be added with unique protection under the condition of installation, so as to avoid the change of its thickness under the condition of temperature rise.