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Jinan exterior wall rock wool color steel plate is also called exterior wall thermal insulation rock wool board. The raw material of exterior wall rock wool board is all kinds of natural rocks. After high-temperature melting of natural rocks, high-speed centrifugal equipment, special binder and dust-proof oil, and then heated and solidified, the exterior wall rock wool color steel plate we use is made.
Characteristics of Jinan exterior wall rock wool color steel plate:
The high compressive strength, tensile strength and durability of Jinan exterior wall rock wool color steel plate ensure the stability and reliability of the long-term performance of the product.
Second, the rock wool does not burn, does not emit heat and toxic smoke, can effectively isolate the spread of flame in case of fire, and has excellent fire prevention performance.
Rock wool color steel plate for exterior wall has excellent thermal insulation performance, which can improve the thermal resistance coefficient of enclosure structure, reduce building heating and air conditioning energy consumption, and save energy and reduce emission.
It has no corrosive effect on metal materials such as carbon steel, aluminum (alloy), copper and various components in buildings.
Rock wool color steel plate for exterior wall has physical properties such as high-efficiency sound absorption, noise reduction, elastic vibration elimination and so on.
Strong non hygroscopicity, aging resistance and long-term stable performance.
The outer wall rock wool color steel plate is light, can be cut and easy to process.
Exterior wall rock wool color steel plate system structure:
The rock wool color steel plate structure of the outer wall mainly includes: bonding layer, thermal insulation layer, plastering layer, finishing layer and accessories.
The bonding layer is a structural layer, which is between the bottom and the surface. Firstly, the upper and lower layers are firmly bonded together with cementitious materials, and its filler mainly comes from inorganic materials.
Insulation layer in order to prevent and reduce the loss of heat from the turbine to the environment, an insulation layer, such as pipeline, is laid on the outer surface of the turbine. Its main filler is rock wool fiber, as well as a certain amount of organic matter, moisture, adhesive, etc.
The decorative layer shall choose light functional coatings, such as facing mortar, decorative mortar or water-based exterior wall coatings with outstanding air permeability, which can make the rock wool color steel plate of the exterior wall maintain its light characteristics and increase its beauty at the same time. The accessories mainly use various coatings. On the one hand, it increases the color of the surface of the rock wool color steel plate of the outer wall to make it suitable for any environment. On the other hand, it can also make the coating have a certain degree of flame retardant and thermal insulation.