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In the purification color steel plate industry, there are many kinds of plates and different application fields. If you want to keep the environment clean, you need to use a material called rock wool color steel plate to achieve a relatively high degree. Does Jinan rock wool color steel plate have anti-static function?
The performance in anti-static and antibacterial properties is very good. Color steel plate products can well ensure that the workshop will not be affected by external pollution in the process of actual production and use. Introduce its two characteristics, anti-static and antibacterial. With the rapid development of science and technology, the requirements for anti-static and anti bacterial dust in the field of clean engineering are higher and higher. Because static electricity will cause sparks, easily lead to fire and explosion, and affect the normal operation of electronic equipment, environmental pollution will produce more bacteria, and pathogen infection will threaten the lives of people with weak resistance. Therefore, Clean board products are very popular in purification projects with high anti-static and antibacterial requirements.
It is precisely because of such special properties that the position of rock wool color steel plate in the market is much higher than that of ordinary plates. Similarly, with such a large demand in the market, there will naturally be many rock wool color steel plate manufacturers. When we choose to cooperate with these manufacturers, we first need to focus on the quality of products and the qualification of the company.
The function of rock wool color steel plate is not very special. If you want to apply in this field, choose rock wool color steel plate.
How to distinguish the quality of color steel plate:
1. Observe the leakage edge of color steel plate.
When I get a color steel plate, I first observe whether the steel exposed by the color steel plate is fine, gray, dark and impurities. If the section crystallizes finely, the quality is superior.
2. Listen to the sound of color steel plate.
Tap the color steel plate with your fingers or hard objects. If the color steel plate material is poor, the sound will be dull and the metal sound is not obvious. The color steel plate with good material has a loud and clear metal sound.
3. Observe the thickness of color steel plate substrate and film thickness.
Color steel plate is composed of substrate and color peritoneum or coating. First, we must consider the thickness of substrate and coating. The better color steel substrate is 0.02 ~ 0.05mm, and the coating or coating thickness is usually less than 0.15mm.
4. Check the quality certificate of color steel plate.
Whether there are inspection standards of relevant departments.
If possible, try to visit the sandwich panel manufacturer. See how the enterprise environment is and whether it is formal.