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When installing the first plate, the parallelism with the structural axis must be checked. During installation, the straightness of the color steel plate at the cornice and ridge and the wave crest straightness of the color steel plate on both sides of the slope shall be strictly controlled. If the roofing color steel sheet has a joint for single slope, the lap point of color steel and rock wool foam cleaning board must be installed at the purlin, and the length of lap should be equal to or equal to 250mm. The overlapping length of the outer and inner cover plates of the ridge shall be ≥ 200mm; The outer cover plate shall be coated with transparent neutral sealing silicone adhesive on the inner layer of the overlapping area. It is strictly prohibited to apply glue on the surface of color steel plate.
During roof panel installation, the starting point of installation shall be determined first. The determination of this point shall be determined according to the site conditions. Generally, the gable shall be installed from one side to the other. The installation of roofing color steel wool foam purifying board is directly fixed on the outer surface of the manufacturer of the colored steel and rock wool foam purifying board with self tapping screws, and the screws are fixed horizontally on the overlapping peaks of the two color steel plates and the middle crest of the plate width. The fixing screws of the exterior wall panel shall be positioned with a stay wire to ensure horizontal and vertical and neat appearance. After fastening, wear a decorative cap matching the color of the outer surface of the plate.
During installation, the straightness of the color steel plate at the cornice and ridge and the wave crest straightness of the color steel plate on both sides of the slope shall be strictly controlled. When installing the color steel wool foam cleaning board, the installation starting point is first determined. Generally, it is installed from one side gable to the other side gable. During installation, the cornice control datum line shall be pulled out with a pull wire, and a control network cable shall be set every 15m.
When the product arrives, the quality, length, quantity and transportation damage of the product shall be checked. If any damage is found, please mark it on the receiving note and ask the driver to sign, and be responsible for providing damage instructions. When mechanical unloading is adopted, it shall be unloaded on a solid and flat ground. When the fork is in contact with the plate, the surface shall be covered with soft cushion layer or backing plate to avoid damaging the plate.
Attention should be paid to wearing protective gloves to remove the surface wear and ensure safety when unloading and transporting the colored steel rock wool foam purifying board. Lift and place gently, lift the bottom with both hands, and do not lift the top panel alone to avoid tearing the plate; Color steel and rock wool foam cleaning board manufacturers shall not delay, so as not to wear or scratch panels. Avoid bending of the plate, otherwise it will cause fracture of the filling material inside the plate and deformation of the plate surface.
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