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In the steel, according to different needs, the model is not the same, galvanized sheet is also the case. So for those who don't know much about galvanized sheet, what are its uses? Today by Jinan galvanized sheet small make-up to a simple understanding of the basic use of galvanized sheet are how?


Introduction of basic use of galvanized sheet


Jinan galvanized sheet


The main uses of galvanized steel sheet are as follows:



1. Hot and cold galvanized steel plate is suitable for agricultural vehicle machinery and equipment, grain storage, corrugated guardrail and other manufacturing industries in daily life. Its prominent characteristics are low cost and high added value.


2. Galvanized steel plate is also used in decorative building materials, household appliances, small cars and other manufacturing industries, because this kind of manufacturing industry is more or less related to the support point problem of steel frame structure, the emergence of galvanized steel plate is appropriate to deal with this problem, and we firmly believe that its requirements will continue to improve in the future.

3、镀锌钢板材除开在工业化生产中拥有 普遍的运用,它在中式建筑、加工厂、空间布局、交通出行电力能源等层面也充分发挥着关键的功效,镀锌钢板在这种应用领域关键是具有原膜的功效,那样促使外部针对物块的沉积作用变弱。镀锌钢板的功效在具体运用中大伙儿早已掌握了,在将来坚信镀锌钢板的功效会更为突显,人们的具体运用对它的要求会更明显,它与衣食住行的关联会更密不可分。

3. Galvanized steel sheet is widely used in industrial production, and it also plays a key role in Chinese architecture, processing plant, spatial layout, transportation, electric energy and other aspects. The key of galvanized steel sheet in this application field is to have the function of original film, which weakens the deposition of external objects. In the future, we firmly believe that the effect of galvanized steel will be more prominent, the requirements of people's specific use will be more obvious, and it will be more closely related to clothing, food, housing and transportation.


4. The composition of galvanized steel plate on the composition of galvanized steel plate, national standards are not the same, the national standard is generally to test the moisture content of carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon.